Monday, September 30, 2013

Touring the Jelly Belly Bean Factory...

 The other day the hubby, kids, in-laws & I all loaded up to go tour the Jelly Belly Bean Factory. I had already decided I was wearing my new(to me) Gap skinny jeans, but went through a few tops before I decided on the green. The tee is just a plain shirt from Target (seriously, place is like my second home) that I picked up on clearance & the tweed blazer is a thrift find. The jeans are what I'm crazy in love with though. Gap skinny jeans, like new, for (drum roll please) $2.75?! I may just wear them everyday now. The outfit was great for getting a little tour of the factory, which is free by the way, and stuffing myself with jelly beans. I'd definitely recommend it if you're in the area looking for something inexpensive to do and want some sugar in your life. It's impossible to walk out of there without buying some jelly beans! My new favorites are the dark chocolate covered orange jelly beans.... mmmm....

Jeans- 'Out of the Closet' thrift store, $2.75
Tee- Target clearance, $3
Tweed- thrift find, $4.50
Bag- bought from a friend, $50
Shoes- H&M eons ago, $12
Necklace- $10, via instagram