Friday, September 6, 2013

Pinterest Inspired!

We all have those outfits on Pinterest that we fall in love with, pin and then either forget about or think are too expensive to wear. One of my favorite hobbies is recreating outfits I pin on a budget. I get such a thrill out of picking up similar pieces for a steal.

Pinterest Outfit Inspiration

Now, I know this outfit isn't anything crazy. It's a basic tee + jeans. However, even just the basics can be pricey! My take, not so much. I picked up my yellow tee on clearance from Target. (Who doesn't love that store?!) The jeans I've had, but purchased from Goodwill and the sandals were on sale from Target. The scarf was my first Kiki La'Rue  purchase, with a 25% off coupon code they were offering. I asked a friend to monogram it for me, then sewed it into an infinity scarf.

My recreated Pinterest outfit

This scarf is a new favorite! 
On another note, I'm now enrolled in the fashion stylist course at Fashion Stylist Institute. I'm so looking forward to saying I'm a Certified Fashion Stylist! It's been a dream of mine since I was much younger. Anyone need a consultation or help with a new outfit? ;)  

Yellow Shirt- Target, $2.40
Jeans- Goodwill, $7.00
Sandals- Target, $12.00
Scarf- Kiki La'Rue, $17.00 (scarf + shipping)