Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Red Skinny Jeans

  To preface this post, I am an Auburn University fan. Orange & blue, War Eagle, etc... I did wear this on an AU game day, but I was cheering for them from home. (They totally won too!) Anyway, I love wearing red + black (UGA did something right with picking these colors. ;)) together. It's just so cute. The top is from TJ Maxx, but was normally priced at $12. The jeans were on clearance from Sear's, Kardashian Kollection. The first few times I say skinny jeans, I *hated* them. I thought only super thin women could wear them. I was so wrong! The right cut just has to be purchased...and you may have to be prepared to not breathe. Kidding! I normally end up buying a size up in skinnies so that isn't an issue. However, I would not recommend overindulging on fries or fro yo while wearing them. I follow the idea that if the bottom is form fitting, the top should be loose. The bag I'm in love with! I bought it from a friend on Facebook. Gotta love messaging & Paypal! :)

Top- TJ Maxx, $12
Skinny Jeans- Sears, $7
Wedges- Target, $5.98
Bracelets- black inifity, thrifted, $1; Yurman inspired cuff, gift; Yurman inspired smaller cuff, Zulily, $7
Necklace- Caroline G., just paid shipping, $5.98
Coach bag- Originally $200, got it for a steal! $50 (shipping included)