Monday, September 23, 2013

Winterizing a Maxi

Basic summer wear 
Maxi dresses have to be one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing on the market now. I was convinced, for the longest time, that I was too short to wear them. Glad I changed my mind & started wearing them! I picked up this dress from Walmart back in April for $12 or $13. I love how bright and colorful it is, however it's a little too thin to wear as is during the fall. So, I needed to work on it a bit. The addition of a belted sweater, scarf & boots made it perfect for late September and if I choose to wear this in the winter, I'll just add a jacket too. It's an easy & fun way to make your warm weather wardrobe work for the colder months. :)
Cold weather ready!

I've had the sweater for years. I think someone gave it to me when they cleaned out their closet. (Score for me!) The earrings were picked up from the dollar store! How crazy is that?! They actually have some weight to them as well, which I love, but not so much they pull on my ears. The scarf is from Walgreens...some of my favorite accessories are found at pretty random stores. Always worth a shot to browse & see if they have anything good. 

Dress- Walmart, $13
Sweater- Gift
Belt- Kohl's, came with shorts, $12
Scarf- Walgreens, $6
Earrings- Dollar Store, $1