Friday, September 13, 2013


My favorite color is red. It's such a vibrant, passionate color. I also love wearing red, white + blue, especially on certain days. However, I like to wear it in a way that isn't a flag on my shorts with sparkly tennis shoes. Not that there is anything wrong that outfit, it's just not my personal taste. 

With that being said, I picked up these striped shoes for a steal at the Ann Taylor outlet. The shoes are my favorite part of the entire outfit! The jeans were 70% off from Kohl's. If you're in California, you should definitely sign up for the new Kohl's rewards program. Totally free and I *think* every dollar = 1 point, with 100 points being $5 Kohl's cash. The necklace was in the 50% clearance section at Target (Target=love) and as soon as I saw it, it was in the buggy. It's so surprising what actually makes it to the clearance/sales sections of stores. I don't even check the regular merchandise first anymore, just the sale items. If you don't have a Target red card, it's definitely worth it as well! The whole saving 5% is such a little thrill. I've always picked up basic, plain shirts at Walmart because they're so inexpensive. The only thing is they're normally thin that unless you want everyone seeing through it, a camisole is necessary. Forever 21 has good ones for only a few bucks. It's worth stopping in and picking up a few so you don't have to worry about undergarment exposure, especially in photos!

Flats + Ann Taylor = Love

patriotic without being campy...always good.

obsessed with this necklace! 

Shirt- Walmart, $7
Jeans- J.Lo, Kohl's, $15
Shoes- Ann Taylor, $10
Necklace-Target, $8.48
Bracelets- Coastie heart, $10; hearts, Kay's, gift; Monogram, gift
Sunnies- Old Navy, $12ish