Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Old Navy

The other day I hit up Old Navy searching for some new Fall pieces. I knew I wanted to grab one of their sweatshirts (those things are so soft!), but I was looking for something to go with it. I found this skirt in the clearance section for only $10! The boots I picked up from Wet Seal back in February. Other then the boots, the entire outfit is from Old Navy though. Surprising, right? They have some really cute jewelry now! I may have worn this gold necklace with just about everything lately..

the braid...great lazy girl style

Skirt- Old Navy, $10.98
Sweatshirt- Old Navy, $15
Necklace- Old Navy, $10 (I think)
Bracelets- Old Navy, $6.95 (pack of gold & colored bangles)
Boots- Wet Seal, $19
Bag- Target, from 2008