Monday, September 9, 2013

Making Hair Ties!

You know those super cute, really stretchy hair ties that everyone loves? Yeah, the ones that go for $2-$3 a pop? Those are sooo much cheaper if you make your own. It's crazy easy too! Really. All they are is lingerie elastic, trimmed & knotted. The elastic can be picked up at almost any fabric store. (I got mine at Savannah Sewing & Colonial Quilts for 65 cents per yard.) In just a few minutes, you can make your own! All you'll need is the elastic + scissors.
I measured the elastic out by wrapping it around my wrist, making sure to keep it snug. Cut a little bit more then needed for the actual band so it could be knotted, then tied a knot in it. Super simple! I made over 50 with the amount of fabric I had, but you could also easily make headbands with it too. Instead of using your wrist, you would just measure what was comfortable around your head and go from there. :)
hair ties galore!

1. Measure 

2. Knot 

3. Trim 
2 ways to knot the ties. The 2nd way makes them look neater & lay better. 
The total cost of this project was $1.95, for 54 hair ties, which works out to be .03 per hair elastic. Crazy inexpensive! I now have a makeup bag full of hair ties that were *almost* like free.