Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pink & Black & Cheetah, Oh My!

I love pink + black together. It's always a cute combination. Add in cute shoes and a bright necklace and it's perfection. The first take is just a fitted black tee + black blazer with shorts. The second is a loose, piko like top, but with the same jewelry & shoes. The day I wore the second outfit, we hit up the outlets because I told the hubby what good sales they were having Labor Day weekend. Ann Taylor was doing 50% off everything, including clearance. Score! I don't shop at the outlets that often because they're normally 45 minutes + away, but signing up for all the rewards programs, emails, etc....always comes in handy!
It ended up being WAY too warm for this outfit...
Shopping the sales Labor Day weekend!

Blazer- Gap, on sale 2 years ago- $10
Tee- Target, on sale, $7
Necklace- Caroline G., just paid shipping
Shorts- Kohl's, on sale, $10.20
Black Piko- Sears, Kardashian line, on sale, $7.00
Sandals- Target, clearance, $5.98