Friday, September 27, 2013

Animal Print!

See the necklace? Obsessed
I absolutely adore animal prints. Cheetah, leopard, giraffe, name it, I most likely own something with that print on it. This top is actually a (very short to me) Forever 21 dress I purchased from the thrift store. Seeing as I'm a mom, which involves a lot of bending, squatting, & playing, it wasn't practical as a dress to me. However, it makes an adorable tunic with leggings! These may be my favorite bottom half's right now. They're stretchy, warm and almost as comfortable as my yoga pants. Score one for Walmart. The dress was missing the belt that originally came with it, but I just added the brown belt that came with a Target dress. The scarf is a print, but the colors go so well with the top that it almost seemed like they were just meant to go together!
hardcore cheesin' 

Top- Forever 21, thrifted, $4.50
Scarf- Target, $10
Leggings- Walmart, $11
Flats- Old Navy, $10
Necklace- Old Navy, $10 (I think)
Belt- Target, came with dress, $12
Earrings- Dollar Store, $1