Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting Crafty with Chevron

So my sewing/crafting/awesome kid free space is in the corner of my bedroom. As of a few days ago, it was an unorganized mess. I'm slowly working on fixing that though! I ordered some cute prints from a girl of etsy & made 3 cute little fabric cork board things. I'll be posting a before/after shot as soon as I have arranged the way I's going to be so cute! Anyway, one of the many things I planned to do was make a seat cushion. The chair I have is just one from Ikea (best place ever, right?) and I get so uncomfortable sitting there after a while. I just got some adorable chevron from Savannah Sewing and picked up some stuffing from Beverly's. I think it took me a total of 30 minutes to make this, from start to finish. It's reversible too!

I guess to get technical on this, you'll need to measure your seat for the cushion. In my laziness, I held the fabric up to it & cut. I left a little extra to allow for the seams, laid it over the seat & pinned at the edges. I had two old waist ties that I used as the seat ties. Lucky me, they were the perfect length! Just pinned those in place and then sewed the cushion, right sides together. (Which just means the pretty print is on the inside, the blank side is on the outside.)

After sewing it right sides in, leaving a few inches open & flipping it to the right sides's time to stuff! I like my cushions like my pillows, very full. The last thing I needed to was sew the opening shut. Pinned it + then hand stitched it closed. 
Hand stitch time!  

reversible cuteness! 
The finished project!