Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Green Dress Part 1

As soon as I saw this dress, I grabbed it. It had so much unexplored potential and I couldn't wait to play with it! The first thing I decided to do was dye it from it's original yellow to a more flattering green. I picked up the dye from Beverly's for about $3.50 & went to work. The dying was fairly easy since I could just throw it in the wash + add salt and let it do it's thing. After that was done, I cut off 6 inches & did a zig zag stitch just to finish it. I like to think of it as efficient hemming. :) Once that was all completed, I started playing with styling options. There were just so many! Thus, this week's posts are all about the green dress.

Look 1. 
I actually wore this outfit to have some solo time (it's the pinnacle of excitement to drink coffee alone) + take my oldest trick or treating. It's relaxed & comfortable, but still put-together and not sloppy. Plus, pearls look good with just about anything! 

Dress- thrifted + dye, $7.50
Flats- Old Navy clearance, $7
Belt- Kohl's, came with shorts, $12
Denim Jacket- Ralph Lauren, 5ish years old, $60
Pearls- gift eons ago.. 
Bracelet- Marley Lilly, flash sale, $20