Thursday, October 17, 2013

boots + bows

I wore this outfit last week to a spouse association meeting...and a solo Target/Starbucks run. The sweater (vest? sweater vest? sleeveless sweater?) was a thrift find from Goodwill for only $7! I was thrilled it was finally cool enough to wear it, but definitely regretted the short sleeves later... The necklace is from an adorable boutique in Statesboro, GA that I happened to get when they were doing a flash sale on their Facebook page. 

selfie in the target fitting room...

        Sweater- Goodwill, $7
   Tee- Target, $7
Jeans- Forever 21, $10
Boots- Wet Seal, $20 (I think?)
Bag- gift
Necklace- Walker Boutique