Friday, August 30, 2013

Designer Outfit Under $100

This post was inspired by a seriously sweet score at a Ross store. I had actually gone in with the purpose of finding a few cute new pieces of jewelry. Instead I walked out with my first pair of designer jeans. I swear I may have gasped in shock when I saw these Michael Kors skinnies on clearance, in my size. Ok, I might have wept with gratitude, but whatever.

Originally priced for retail at $99.50, they were priced for $34 at Ross. Even better, they were finally marked down to $20.99 on clearance! How people are able to work clothing retail & not be broke is beyond me. Anyway, these jeans made me think an entire designer outfit for $100 would be a fun challenge & totally doable. When I got the jeans home, I was even more excited to realize I had the perfect shoes to pair with them. I picked up these BCBG wedges summer 2006, on sale from Macy's. I think they were originally $130, but I paid $60.

To complete the ensemble, I needed a top. This Ralph Lauren purple blouse has been in my closet for years. If I recall correctly, I picked it up from a Goodwill in Savannah, Ga for $7. The outfit totals out at $88! It's amazing what can be found on sale + thrifting.

Purple + Turquoise is such a fun color combo. 
The bag I used when I wore this outfit was a 90's Louis Vuitton given to me by my grandmother. It's also the only Louis Vuitton I happen to own.

I heart L.V.

A trendy take. Chevron + Colored Skinnies +Sandals

 Turquoise Skinnies- Michael Kors from Ross, $20.99
  Purple Button Down- Ralph Lauren via Goodwill, $7

White Wedges- BCBG via Macy's, $60
 Purse- Louis Vuitton, gift, free 
Chevron top- TJ Maxx, $12

Sandals- Target, on sale for $12