Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Sew On...

I grew up in a family of Bernina loyalists, which means no other brand of machine dared enter our home. As I've gotten older, it's also just become my preference. I currently sew on a Bernina 380 & have for the last few years. When we pcs'd (military for permanent change of station, aka moving) from Virginia to California this summer, I even packed it into our already full van. I wasn't taking any chances! The wonderful thing about sewing is anyone can learn. It's not a skill to be intimidated by and it's certainly handy. The majority of my clothes would be too long and baggy if I didn't know how to do little alterations.

Machine purchased from Savannah Sewing Center & Colonial Quilts

If you've ever thought about doing any sewing, look into a local fabric store, community college or ask around to see if anyone's teaching a class. More often then not, someone is typically offering a beginner session. It's worth it to learn! 
If sewing isn't your thing, find a seamstress or tailor. It normally doesn't cost much to have clothing altered so it will fit you perfectly. Better fitting clothes = more confidence. Always a winning combination!