Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Top 10 Tips for Thrifting

I enjoy hitting up thrift & consignment stores mainly for the hunt, though I do enjoy the savings. I wouldn't have nearly as many clothes if it wasn't for them. However, I know a lot of y'all can get overwhelmed when looking. It's really easy for that to happen. With that said, it can also be really fun! Sometimes it can be hit or miss, but if you go on a regular basis, you'll be able to find better bargains.
 My top tips for thrifting:

  • Don't be afraid to ask about sales. Many times, there will be 30%-50% off clothes, jewelry, etc.. It's worth it to ask.
  • Check the piece you're thinking about purchasing with a thorough eye. Are there any stains, tears or pulls? Hems and seams can be fixed, but if it's stained or torn, pass. 
  • Is it a size or two too big? Few inches too long? No biggie! Either alter it yourself or take it to a tailor. They can easily fix it for you. More then 3 sizes I wouldn't recommend though. It can lose too much shape at that point. 
  • Think about including it with an outfit as a whole, not just one separate piece. Say you find a gorgeous tweed blazer, what would you wear with it? You could keep it simple with skinnies + fitted tee + flats or wear it with a skirt + heels.
  • Can't think of anything to pair a piece with? Check out Pinterest. Type the article of clothing in the search bar and see what creative ensembles pop up.  
  • Don't be intimated by the sheer volume of things you see. You'll have to dig. Sometimes you'll get lucky and there will be something so amazing you'll want to tell everyone. I've found Dior, Michael Kors, etc in situations like that. 
  • Follow the cleaning instructions on the clothing tags! If the tag is missing, I'd suggest handwashing + lie flat or gentle cycle + low heat. The last thing you want to do with a new (to you) purchase is ruin it in the washer. 
  • Look for quality fabrics. You'll be surprised at the designers you can find. People donate just about everything these days. 
  • Shoes can be shined, jewelry can be cleaned. Don't let a scuff deter you from shoes that make you sigh with longing. Just use a little elbow grease & make those baby's look new again!
  • Most of all, enjoy the hunt. If you're stressing or your mind is wandering, you won't be fully present while shopping.