Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gaga for Monograms

I, like many other Southern women, have a thing for monograms. Maybe there's something in our DNA that is attracted those three little letters engraved or embroidered on everything from rings to shirts. All I know is, I love monograms. With that being said, none of this outfit was thrifted. It was, however, done on a budget. The shorts were on sale at New York & Company, the plain shirt purchased from Michael's on sale & the earrings from Walgreens. Surprise, right? Who knew Walgreens had some cute accessories? I didn't until recently. Now, if you're like me and love pocket tee's and seeing the price of one from a regular store gives you heart palpitations... Give this idea a shot. This shirt cost me a whole $2. There are many people out there who do embroidery from home and can give you a much better price on your monogrammed items. Ask around. See if your local craft/fabric/quilt store has someone who is willing to provide that service. You could easily end up saving $10-$20 that way, as opposed to shelling out upwards of $35 or $40 on one top. If you're a huge fan of monograms and embroidery in general, think about investing in an embroidery machine. I'm fairly certain almost every brand has them at different price points, dependent upon your needs. Not only could you have your own projects, you could add a personal touch to gifts. 

Whale earrings are such a quirky little touch.

This outfit feels so springy. 

  Shirt- Michael's $2, pocket embroidery, free (Thanks Mom!)
Shorts-New York & Company, $15
Earrings-Walgreens, $2.99
Flats- H&M, $12
Phone Case- eBay, $2