Monday, November 18, 2013

I used to hate skinny jeans. I thought they were only for the incredibly slim & very tall. They're definitely now my favorite cut though. These jeans were picked up from a thrift store for $3.50 & I had to put a little patch on them since there was a hole. But still, Gap jeans for $3.50...major win in my book! I don't think I paid full price for anything in this outfit either! Pretty sweet. Also, these are my fav photos taken so far for this blog. Who doesn't love a dirty parking lot + a water filled background?! I do. :)  

Jeans- Thrifted, Gap, $3.50
Shoes- Target, Sale, $14
Shirt- Old Navy, clearance, $13
Necklace- Caroline G., sale, $5.98 (shipping)
Bag- Target, sale (can't remember price-from this summer)