Monday, November 25, 2013

A Starbucks Morning

Sweater&Tunic: Thrifted/ Leggings: Old Navy/ Boots: Target

I've been waiting for it to be chilly enough to wear this sweater since it got too warm last spring. It was finally cool enough! The sweater & dress/tunic were thrifted, and everything else was picked up on sale. This was one of those "I really don't want to wear pants, but I don't want to wear my pajama's in public" outfits. I have those more often then not in the cooler months. I'm not the only one like that, am I? Anyway, this was comfy enough to curl up in my favorite seat with a hot vanilla (newest fav drink. SO good.), but decent enough to go get coffee with a friend & window shop. Seriously, the best kind of lazy day outfit.